Very Fine Used

Plate (1/3)

  • Sg 43 1d Rose-red Plate 225 Lettered Gl. Very Fine Used Part Cds & Numeral
  • Sg. 1. A1 (1). As46. Fk. 1d Intense Black. Plate 8. A Very Fine Used B39418
  • Gb Qv Sg2 As44 1d Black Plate 7 Bi Very Fine Used Fine Black Mx
  • Sg. 2. A1 (2). As25. Jd. 1d Black. Plate 5. A Very Fine Used Example B41309
  • Gb Qv Sg2 As15vf 1d Black Plate 2 Dk Very Fine Used Purply Brown Mx
  • Sg 2 1d Black Plate 1b Lettered C. D. Very Fine Used With A Crisp Full Red
  • Gb Qv Sg2 As15 1d Black Plate 2 Gg Very Fine Used Central Red Mx
  • Gb Qv Sg2 As41ve 1d Black Plate 6 Gg Very Fine Used Fine Ruby Mx Cert Rare
  • Sg3, 1d Grey-black Plate 5, Very Fine Used. Cat £525. Red Mx. 4 Margins. Qa
  • Sg3 1840 1d. Grey-black Plate 1a, Ag. Very Fine Used Top Marginal Example Sho
  • Gb Qv Penny Black 1840 Plate 1a Mb Red Maltese X Sg 1 (specialised As1) Vfu
  • Shelley Deco Trio Cup Saucer Plate No 11566 Fine Bone China C1930 & Very Pretty
  • Sg 1 1d Intense Black Plate 4 Lettered P. L. On Bluete Paper. Very Fine Used With
  • Gb 1840 1d Black. Plate 3. Red Mx + 4 Good Margins. Very Fine Example, Clean