Very Fine Used

French (1/9)

  • 1862 4d Bright Red Pl 4 Qi Fine St Malo French Gc 3734 Very Good Used Sg81
  • Sg 66 4d Carmine. Very Fine Used'3176' French Lozenge Cancel Of St Marlo
  • A Fine French Certified Violin Bow By J. T-lamy C. 1935, Very Nice
  • Very Fine Old French Violin Bow Pernambuco
  • A Very Fine French Antique Gilt Bronze Empire Figural Mantel Clock
  • Very Fine Old French Violin Bow Branded
  • Very Fine Old French Violin Bow Branded
  • Very Fine Vintage 18k Untreated Sapphire Ring By Carvin French Jewelers
  • A Very Fine Old French Cello Bow Made By Joseph Alfred Lamy, Ca. 1900, Superb
  • A Very Fine French Violin Bow By Simon For J. B. Vuillaume, Ca. 1860
  • A Very Fine French Certified Cello Bow By Victor Fetique, Ca. 1920
  • French Colonies Somali Coast 1894 1902 All Different Very Fine Used Stamp Collection
  • A Very Fine French Cello Made By Amédée Dieudonné, Ca. 1935
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