Very Fine Used

Plate (1/25)

  • Sg 7 1d Red-brown Plate 9 Lettered Bi. Very Fine Used With A Neat Black
  • Sg 163 1/- Orange-brown Plate 14. Very Fine Used With A Liverpool Cds
  • 1841 1d Red Black Plate 1b Ob 4m Burr Rub Variety Very Fine Used Cat. £400.00
  • Gb 1854 2d Sg34 Plate 5 Ri Very Fine Used Black Pd Paid Destination No Other C
  • 1868 2d Blue Scarce Plate 12 Ng Superb Brunswick Star Type Ra6 Very Fine Sg45
  • Q. V. 1841 2d Plate 3'ri' A Very Fine To Superb Used Example
  • Sg. 4. D1 (1)uc. Ds7. Td. 2d Deep Blue. Plate 2. A Very Fine Used Exa B63213
  • Sg 130 5/- Rose Plate 4 Watermark Large Anchor On Blued Paper. Very Fine Used
  • Sg 2 Spec As41a 1d Black Plate 6 Sa Re-entry. A Very Fine Used 4 Margin
  • Gb Qv Sg13, 2d Pale Blue, Very Fine Used. Cat £550. Plate 3 Mx With Number 12 Dl
  • Sg 45wi 2d Blue Plate 8 Position Ac Wmk Inverted In Very Fine Used Condition
  • Sg 123 6d Pale Buff Plate 11 Horizontal Pair. Very Fine Used With Tioe-hurst
  • Penny Red Imperf Plate 13. Pl. 4 Margins. Very Fine Used
  • Sg. 7. A2. As8a. Ib. State 3. 1d Red Brown. Plate 1c. A Very Fine Use B63042