Very Fine Used

Red-brown (1/4)

  • Sg 113 10d Pale Red-brown. Very Fine Used With A St Thomas Paid Cds, May 17th
  • Sg 7 1d Red-brown Plate 9 Lettered Bi. Very Fine Used With A Neat Black
  • 1841 Sg8m 1d Red-brown 11 In Maltese Cross B1(1)uk Bj 4-margins Cat £350 Cfzo
  • Sg 8i 1d Red-brown Variety Inverted Watermark Lettered Jl. Very Fine Used
  • 1841 1d Red-brown Plate 26 Ne 4m Fine Coventry Mx Very Fine Used Cat. £800.00
  • Sg 8 1d Red-brown Plate 58 Lettered Re. Very Fine Used With A Blue Leeds Cds
  • Sg113, 10d Pale Red-brown, Very Fine Used. Cat £700+ Cds Marginal Inscription Eg
  • Sg 8m 1d Red-brown Plate 19 Lettered Sd. Very Fine Used With A Number'10'
  • 1840 1d. Black / 1841 1d. Red-brown Matched Pair (ec) Plate 2 Very Fine Used
  • 1841 Sg8m 1d Red-brown 12 In Maltese Cross B1(1)ul Super Margins Cat £350 Cfzq
  • Sg 8 1d Red-brown Plate 89 Block Of 4. Very Fine Used With Neat London'15'
  • Sg 8l 1d Red-brown Lettered Cl. Very Fine Used With A Deep Blue Maltese Cross
  • Sg 114 10d Deep Red-brown. Very Fine Used In Constantinople. Good Deep Colour
  • Sg 29 1d Red-brown. Very Fine Used On Piece Cancelled With A Part'186'